| 2022

Inspired by today’s companies planning to expand their activities into space, Astray develops a short speculative story where you share the struggles of one employee coping with solitude and delusion.

You play as Vilmaya Lova, one of the many carriers working for one of those big companies for many years. Trapped inside a lonely routine and after spending more than a year away from Earth and your relatives, you receive a distress signal from another ship nearby. Uncanny phenomenons start to occur as you arrive to bring help. The crew seems to have disappeared. Will you solve this mystery and recover the crewmembers ?

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Astray is a first person adventure and narrative focused game with puzzle-oriented mechanics, developed using Godot for all computers on Windows, MacOS and Linux.


Thibaud Goiffon (shaders), Storm Watters (voice acting), Marion Bareil (tutor), (sfx), Peter Höglund (shaders)